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July 2011: FW-190A Plans are now up for grabs! Get them while they are hot! If you need parts for any kit please send me an email!
July 2011: Kits will be available soon, parts are available now! If you are interested, please email me at

The people behind this website

A specialist in automation, Bert the 'cncmachineguy' is definitely not a novice to CAD nor the machine shop. In fact there is little Bert is really a novice at, with over 20 years experience designing automated machines. He's lead projects ranging from small electronically permissive 'shotgun' gates with micro components to 20,000 pound four axis machines rated to carry people, he brings more then his fair share to the table. Bert really is into all things that can move and interact by remote, and RC falls right into that category.

My name is Erik and I have a four year Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toledo in Mechanical Engineering. I have over 15 years of designing in CAD and also have experience designing professional machines for an engineering firm out of Holland, Ohio. A few years back I swapped career paths but today I use my ME degree for my favorite hobby, RC building and flying. Using the software available today I get the greatest joy in making easy to build scale replica aircraft, specializing of course in the warbird genre.

Together we have both the creative and technical abilities to bring unique products to the scratch builder, the CNC hobbyist or small business. We 'foam casualties' will continue to deliverer plans and build logs at an ever increasing rate but we will also include an engineered machine or two that will automate the process of creating airframe parts, meaning more models, while keeping the price for parts low and easy to make.

The idea is to give you the end user lots of scratch building options. Plans, Parts, Kits, or CAM capabilities.

And we've been at it for a long time...
Since birth Erik has been working on warbirds