ONE Machine, Endless Possibilities...

 The FC6A

What will YOU create?

Made not only with the hobbyist in mind, the FC6A is also a powerful prototyping and manufacturing cnc machine.  If you are in the business of foam, you need the FC6A:


  • The FC6A is the only Fully Capable 6 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

  • Designed SPECIFICALLY to mill and hot wire foam

  • Capable of switching to 3 axis mode to use standard x,y,z g-code

  • Computer control solution is provided as plug and play, with LinuxCNC ready to go

  • Utilizes open source software to take what your design from concept to completion


The original FC6A was designed with 24"x48" Fan Fold Foam in mind.  After talking with potential customers, we discovered the want for an FC6A version that would accommodate Depron Foam.  The FC6A was then resized into multiple variations in an effort to satisfy all of our customers needs, all of which are custom made for you upon your order.  Please see the chart to the left and These Layouts for specific dimensions.

  • The FC6A controller uses Linux CNC, and ships pre-configured  and ready to run.

  • The cam software is SketchUp, the pro version is not required, and we will include the same plugin, NCGen, that is used to generate the code for the models seen on this site.

  • Here is the Foam Casualty List of recommended Plugins/Extensions.

fc6a size reference.png