Recommended SketchUp Plugins/Extensions

SketchUp News

SketchUp News

Here is a list of plugins / extensions that I use for deigning my models in SketchUp, best of all they all can be found for free on the internet and most are provide as open source.  Many of the authors have graciously provided these plugins for free, although most accept donations for their incredible work.  I have attempted to link to these extensions, however most of them are continuously updated on the webpage, so if you happen across a dead link please let me know in the comments below.  

(see Sketchup RBZ file support here for what to do with rbz files)

Foam Casualty Airfoil Data Loader (right click to save as)

FreeDXF by Jim Foltz which likely allows a better DXF import over the Pro version of SU.
(also read this, DXF )

Mirror Selection by TIG

Find Stray Lines by Smastard (used in assistance of 3d tool path creation)

The Unfold Tool by Jim Foltz

Fredo Collection including:
Tools On Surface
Fredo Tools
and don't forget the required  Fredo Shared Library for his plugins used by the Fredo Collection.

And of course we can't forget the Foam Casualty NCGen extension.

NCGen Features

2D / 2.5D / 3D cut paths (faces and lines):

2d Hotwire cut paths:

3d tapered Hotwire cut paths (Wing Design with help of some of the above listed plugins):

3D Cut Paths (surfaces) and Pocket Milling: A basic 'how to' on using the pocket generator tool on a grouped face to create pocket mill tool paths in Sketchup.

NC Gen is included with all machine sales and updates are provided as they become available.