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Current pricing is always reflected on the Paypal page, and you must click the buy it now link to see the price. My Plans are currently rated by difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced.

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Immediately after you confirm payment you will be provided with a link in which you can immediately download your file. You will not have to wait for an email, you will obtain a link immediately.

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By clicking on the "Buy Now" button you will be directed to Paypal which will allow you to send money using their highly secure services. Please watch for specials and releases!

What you Get:

You will get a compressed "zip" file which unpacked will give the original "skp" model file for Sketchup 7 for your use. I have "locked" all groups in the model to help you avoid accidentally manipulating the model, these can be unlocked using the context menu inside Sketchup which is accessed by a right click. I encourage making personal copies of these models and making updates and adjustments as you see fit but please keep these modifications to yourself for your own personal use.

BF-109E Layout Drawing

Why Sketchup?

There are many CAD programs out there to use. I use Sketchup for two reasons. Number one is that it is very powerful. I have used many very expensive CAD programs that will not do half of what Sketchup is capable of. The second reason is the vast amount of support available for the program. Sketchup's ease of use is highly expanded by the vast amount of 'plugin' software that is readily available for it. These plugins range from unfolding complex models to outputting CNC g-code with the click of a button. In addition, Sketchup is free for anyone to download and make use of it's features. It's available through Google at

PDF included

I also include PDF files in the "zip" file. However, please note that it is not practical for me to provide "tiled" printable documents. The PDF files will be sized for ANSI E paper. I recommend and encourage those files to be taken to your local printing service to obtain hard copies for use in your build.

Check your system specifications!

Before you buy please stop by Google's page and ensure your PC meets the minimum Sketchup system requirements.
If you have any doubts or are curious as to content, please register on the forum and download the free F4U Corsair Sketchup File.



Vought F4U

DIFFICULTY: Easy / Moderate - Fuselage is very straight forward but built up wings can be a challenge.
SCALE: Approx 50 inch wingspan.
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Focke Wulf 190 - A / F

DIFFICULTY: Moderate / Hard - Fuselage is straight forward, bottom tail section can be tricky, the wings must be hotwire cut. If you can hotwire (templates included) the build should be quick.
SCALE: 1:7.5 (~55" wingspan)

Messerschmitt BF109E

DIFFICULTY: Moderate - due to number of fuselage parts, I recommend sanding each section to ensure alignment.
SCALE: 1/7th approx 55 inch wingspan.

Hawker Typhoon 1B

DIFFICULTY: Moderate - Compound bends are required on nose section of fuselage, care is required for built up wings to achieve symmetry.
SCALE: Approx 50 inch wingspan.