No way FAA

Foam Casualty LLC believes the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has gone too far.

There is a common thought that if FPV pilots behaved that the GOVERNMENT would not HAVE to get involved.  We strongly believe this is simply an ignorant point of view to an ignorant proclamation.


The Spirit of St. Louis

The Spirit of St. Louis, Note: Lack of forward facing window.

Flying has a risk factor.    If one chooses to go into the air they are choosing to place themselves under that risk. While cases can be made for limited vision and airworthiness of vehicles, a small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) at worst does not pose any more risk than that of a single wild bird in the sky.

Foam Casualty LLC would make the case that humans piloting craft will always make best attempt to apply intelligent reasoning to avoid disaster, UAS or otherwise.  It is in this nature that so few actual accidents have occurred over decades of model aviation regardless of state proclamation. 

In the event that an unmanned system would be purposely designed to do damage, there are other laws that would subject the intender of such aircraft to criminal penalization.

Furthermore, this type of ignorant blanket ruling and thinking drastically limits the continued innovation and inventiveness of the technology that provides real wealth to the people who enjoy, use, and develop it.

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