Toledo Show!

We are here at the Toledo Weak Signals 2014 R/C Show!  Stop by our booth and check the new versions of our FC6A.


We have show special prices that will be good on the website until next Friday 4/11/2014.  The original FC6A is a great price at $2999 plus shipping.  Make sure to take of advantage of the temporary mark downs because they only happen once a year!

Sneak Peak, New FC6A Product Line

Here is sneak peak at our brand new product line! That’s right, in addition to our original FC6A we are going to be offering 5 new versions and Pro versions of them all that come to you completely assembled! Mark your calendars because we are launching this Fri. April 5. We will be at the Weak Signals R/C Show in Toledo, Oh with all models on display with special show pricing!DSC_4914

An FC6A batch is rolling along!

We’ve been waiting some time for our turn from the Sheet Metal shop, and it’s finally come. As soon as these parts are dry we can start pre-assembly and boxing up some machines.

FC6A Special Pwder Coating Treatment

FC6A Special Pwder Coating Treatment

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in this process. The manufacture was swamped at the close of last year and it’s taken considerable effort to get us into the mix.

Another F6F takes to the sky!

Jeffsch over at RCGroups finally had a chance to maiden his F6F HellCat he ordered from us a while back, here is what he had to say:

The weather today was calm if cool and a bit gray and fine for… a first flight! And what a first (and second) flight!
I balanced the model as shown in the attached image, which I think is what the instructions indicate.
Hand launches are very straightforward — with full throttle, the model flies straight away with a gentle overhand toss.
I needed more than a little aileron trim to fly level. I’m going to review the servo linkage to see if I can about fixing that mechanically.
I added a few clicks of down trim but later decided to add some down thrust — it zooms on full throttle.
The 480 motor with GWS 9×5 3-blade prop gives plenty of climb authority and does really zoom along at full throttle (and a bit more in a shallow dive).
The model drags its tail in an aileron-only turn; the tail comes right along with a bit of rudder.
It has very good rudder authority, does nice rudder-only turns, and does a really impressive stall turn.
It stalls very gently, dropping its nose straight ahead.
Floats in for a belly landing.

Honestly, this may be the sweetest model I’ve ever flown. Looking back, I’m really pleased with the quality of the kit, with the new (to me) construction techniques, and it’s all for good — the model flies great!


F6F Hellcat hand built by Jeffsch

F6F Hellcat hand built by Jeffsch

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